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New in 2022

"Digital Storytelling" Premium Digital-Advertorial

For legal reasons, premium advertorials are marked with "Advertisement".

Placement: Own stage on homepage

With the Premium Digital-Advertorial you can use multimedia storytelling to promote your company, your brand and your product. We work closely with you to define the content and storyline. With integrated pictures, videos, podcasts, graphics and further elements, the page is loosened up and becomes an emotional story in content style.

Price: € 2,100 per month

Two examples:

Es lebe der Sport


Also bookable as a bundle offer


1. four weeks stage on the website

2. four times newsletter advertorial in a row

3. additional advertising banner on

4. one social media posting on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

Price: € 6,950 per month


For legal reasons, advertorials are marked with "Advertisement".

Placement: Homepage between news Text: Up to 5,000 characters, Headline + Main Headline + Teaser text. Teaser text not longer than 250 characters. Pictures: Header-picture 16:9 Up to 10 pictures Video: Iframe-embed via YouTube or Vimeo Links: Up to 10 links Price: € 1,680 per month


Format: 980 x 150 px (300x120px) Price: € 1,680 per month

Rotation possible

Skyscraper left or right

Format: 160 x 600 px (not displayed on mobile) Price: € 1,470 per month Rotation possible


Format: 940 x 250 px (300x120px) Price: € 1,840 per month Rotation possible

Possible as a video. Video should be delivered as .mp4 or html 5 file.

Medium Rectangle Top

Format: 300 x 250 px (300x250px) Price: € 1,040 per month Rotation possible

Content Ad

Format: 617 x 250 px (300x250px)

Ad Pos. 1: € 1,260 per month

Also possible as video A total of five positions are available

Rotation possible

Podcast Stage 1 month

Price: € 1,200 per month

Podcast Stage 12 months

Price: € 10,000

In the case of booked campaigns with a guaranteed number of ad impressions, exclusively the data measured by the publisher using the Adserver Adition and made available to the client after completion of the campaign shall apply in reporting.

File Formats Images: PNG, JPEG, GIF | HTML, SWF (animated banners) Video: mp4 or html 5 A reporting of the display and click numbers is possible for image files, but not for html, Flash and JavaScript files.