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The e-mail newsletter tw weekly appears every Tuesday and provides over 21,000 decision-makers from the German-speaking meetings and events industry with MICE-relevant information and news: What are the latest trends and developments in the segment for meeting professionals and business travel? Which locations are in demand? Which current studies are relevant for me? How does the personnel carousel rotate?

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Megabanner tw weekly

Size (width x height): 630x250 or 630x150 px Price: € 1,000,– per issue (incl. link)

Content Ad

Size (width x height): 520x200 px Price: € 850,– per issue (incl. link)

Per issue, five content ads are available


Size: 16:9 Price: € 850,- per issue (incl. links to video)

Due to limitations in some email programs, videos are teased and displayed with link to the video.

Advertorial in the tw weekly newsletter

Text: Up to 5,000 characters Pictures: Header-picture: 16:9 Up to 10 pictures Video: Iframe-embed via YouTube oder Vimeo, Links: Up to 10 links Price: € 1,200 per issue

Advertorials are played out in the newsletter via a teaser to the full article.

File Formats Images: PNG, JPEG (no animation) Video: YouTube or Vimeo

tw weekly publication dates 2021